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ahead of time → im Voraus; (temporal also) → vorher; to mail any individual on ahead of time → jdn vorausschicken; £10 beforehand → £ ten als Vorschuss; thanking you ahead of time → mit bestem Dank im Voraus; to reach upfront in the others → vor den anderen ankommen; to get (well) beforehand of someone/a single’s time → jdm/seiner Zeit (weit) voraus sein

Probably most significant, if we’re likely to wean ourselves clear of surplus utilization of fossil fuels, we need to eliminate recent subsidies to Electricity-unfriendly ways of daily life.

strike down, terminate - declare null and void; make ineffective; "Cancel the election outcomes"; "strike down a legislation"

3. (a mechanism eg among the gears of a car or truck and so on which makes a thing shift in) a backwards direction or perhaps a direction opposite to usual. He set the car into reverse; (also adjective) a reverse gear. trurat يَجْعَل السَّيّارَه تَسير إلى الوَراء задна скорост marcha-ré zpětný chod der Rückwärtsgang. Rückwärts-... bakgear; bak- ταχύτητα όπισθεν marcha atrás tagurpidikäik خلاف جهت؛ دنده عقب peruutusvaihde marche arrière הִילוּך אָחוֹרִי प्रतिक्रम uključen za vožnju unatrag, u „rikvercu“ hátramenet (gépkocsié) persneling mundur bakgír retromarcia バックギア 후진, 역전 atbulinė (eiga) atpakaļgaitas mehānisms gear undur achteruitrevers bieg wsteczny نسكورول marcha-atrás marşarier задний/обратный ход spätný chod vzvratna prestava vožnja unazad back[växel] การถอยหลัง geri vites 反向 реверс موٹر کار کا ایک مشینی عمل جس سے وہ الٹی چلتی ہے sự chạy lùi 反向

In densely populated cities like The big apple, individuals are accustomed to having to pay superior price ranges for parking, that has served to stimulate a relatively productive, high-density utilization of House.

“The estimated 19% sexual assault charge among the university Females is predicated on the survey at two substantial four-yr universities, which could not precisely replicate our country's colleges In general.

Toddler-aged Young children haven't developed the cognitive skills to grasp advertisements or animations, she discussed. Small children at this age "are unable to interpret visuals like an older kid," meaning they cannot decipher between authentic-entire world folks and fictional cartoons.

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"The surroundings of media has transformed currently," Chassiakos said. Many elements of digital media are constructive: it could be interactive; it facilitates interaction; it will allow people to make. Youngsters typically watch course lecture notes and do research via a screen, she said.

But Mr. Trump is barely absent in the airwaves. more info Like all candidates, he Added benefits from what is known as earned media: news and commentary about his marketing campaign on television, in newspapers and magazines, and on social websites.

occupation, lifestyle record - the general development of your Operating or Experienced existence; "the final had experienced a distinguished occupation"; "he had a lengthy occupation inside the law"

→ kommen wir irgend einer Lösung näher?; as mankind advances in understanding → während die Menschheit an Wissen gewinnt

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It doesn't account for variations in occupations, positions, education and learning, occupation tenure or several hours worked every week. When this sort of applicable factors are considered, the wage hole narrows to The purpose of vanishing.

reverse - terminate officially; "He revoked the ban on using tobacco"; "lift an embargo"; "vacate a death sentence"

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